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May Is Mental Health Awareness Month












May is National Mental Health Awareness Month.  As Mental HealthAwareness Month comes to and end it is importnat that we all continue to fight the stigma of mental illness. I always say that we all have mental Health, the question is what is the state of your mental Health? 

This year’s NAMI is promoting No One is Alone. Just last week one of my patients who met all of the criteria for depression, clearly told me that she did not want thatdiagnosis. That she felt that she should be able to handle and deal with her issues herself and she did not anyone to know that she was being prescribed an antidepressant. 

No one should feel alone and it is so important for everyoneto have access to proper treatment. I encourage my patients to get help whenneeded. To know that their treatment is confidential. Everyone needs a therapist that they can feel connected to, trust and comfort is very important  

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