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    Dr. Mignon Online is a fresh new way to share stories of inspiration, wisdom, and real life challenges. Dr. Mignon guides the storyteller through their real life experiences, traumas, and successes to keep them grounded. She recognizes our inner greatness, strengths and successes. This, while helping us to appreciate the life lessons as we move through this journey of healing old wounds and becoming stronger, healthier and happier individuals.

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    Lean In...Reach Out

    Now is the time. The time to fully embrace happiness and greatness.   We are what stars are...
    June 28, 2021
      Happy Pride Month! This year, it seems that the media has really picked up this term and run...
    May is National Mental Health Awareness Month.  As Mental HealthAwareness Month comes to and end...
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    Q&A for Personal Wellness

    How can I find inner strength during these times?

    You have to recognize what you're experiencing doesn't define you.

    What is "Real Life Recovery?"

    Real Life Recovery is a term used by Dr. Yvette Mignon to refer to process in which an individual seeks to find a sense of well-being in multiple areas of their Life.

    How do I recognize when I'm not completely over a past traumatic experience?

    Past traumas may show up in your Life in a number of ways. These affect your personal relationships, your responsiveness to Life happenings and your overall mental health.


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