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It's Time To Start Loving Yourself

By: Dr. Yvette Mignon

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To love yourself, you must accept yourself as you are. It takes unconditional self-acceptance, which requires self-respect and a positive self-image.

Self-love means you are worthy of happiness, capable of working towards your achievements and should allow yourself the opportunity to receive these bountiful gifts.

Self-love means accepting yourself where you--- today. You should recognize your strengths and work to improve in areas of your life that need improvement.

Self-love is not beating yourself up for the past or holding on to old paradigms. Stop reliving the past, revisiting past traumas, or holding on to negative feelings.

Self-love is taking care of you today. The balance amongst the mind, body, and spirit is pivotal for achieving personal growth. Without each component, you won’t be living life in harmony.

So how do we love ourselves? You do so by investing in yourself and your personal growth each and every day. You may not be perfect, but understand that you are human, and with being human comes flaws. You have the potential and spiritual capability to successfully handle whatever conditions and obstacles that are put in your path.

If you do not love yourself enough, start taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. You will naturally become more self-aware and generate feelings of self-worth, accomplishment, and Self Love.